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E-learning – eLearning

E-learning – eLearning

E-learning or eLearning covers forms of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) and specific types of TEL such as online or Web-based learning.

E-learning is used to define a specific mode to attend a course or program of study where the students rarely or never meet face-to-face, nor access on-campus educational facilities, because they study online.
E-learning has become a huge industry well worth over 38 billion euros. Almost 4 million US students paticipate in many differend kinds of online-learning.

There are programms available now for almost 15 years, that offer a wide range of possibilities and products. Most higher education, for-profit institutions nowadays offer on-line classes.

Content was created to lead a student through the content, providing wide and increasing facilities of interactions, online simulations, assessments, and discussions.
E-learning services have developed since computers are being used in education. E-learning is naturally suited to distance learning and flexible learning, but can also be used in conjunction with face-to-face teaching.