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Online Education vs. On-Campus Education

Online Education vs. On-Campus Education


The advent of Internet has made several unimaginable things possible in today’s age. As far as the field of education is concerned, Internet has made huge strides here too. Now, it is possible for the students to complete their education without going out to a real campus. This has proven to be a great boon for people who could not complete their formal education, due to personal, financial or family problems in their young age.


Pros and cons of online education

One of the major advantages of online education is the flexibility you get in your schedule to study. If you are in a full time job, you can work through the day and study in the nights or in the weekends. However, some education programs may require you to remain online at particular time slots, most of them can be attended as per your own convenient time. Students are also allowed to interact with their faculty members at any time of the day through instant chats or emails. Another advantage about online education is that the students feel freer to speak out their doubts, as compared to a classroom full of other students. When it comes to cost of online education, it is almost same as on-campus education. However, you save a lot on boarding, commuting and meals expenses that you have to meet while attending an on-campus college. If you could not complete your study during your young age and want to finish it now, you do not need to face the ridicule by attending a class full of young people. You can sit back at your home and gain your degree there itself.

The only drawback of online education is lack of discipline, which makes it difficult for the students to concentrate on their course. If you have a determined attitude, you can schedule your study hours as per your own convenience and complete your study without forcing yourself to it.


Pros and cons of on-campus education

Studying in campus gives you a sense of belonging with your college, building relationship that facilitates both educational and personal development. In addition to that, some of the degrees such as health care, engineering and medicine require practical laboratories and can be given only on campus. However, arrangements are being made to facilitate these education programs also through Internet.
When you attend an on-campus college, you have to match your schedule as per the schedule of your college, and it becomes difficult for you to carry on your full time job. It also needs you to spend a lot of money on commuting and boarding, which is not required when you study online. When you go to a regular college, you also make friends and tend to spend money on unnecessary luxuries like picnics, movies and meal outs. As this is not the case in online education, you get to save a lot of money and energy and also continue taking care of your other responsibilities like job or family.

Though both online and on-campus learning environments have their own pros and cons, you have to decide which the best option for you is. Ultimately, it is only you, who can make the perfect choice.

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