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6 P’s of how to become a better e-learner

6 P’s of how to become a better e-learner


The facility of online education is a new one but it has gained vast popularity over the last few years. One of the best features of e-learning is the flexibility of time it provides to the students. With this advantage, you can study at your own convenient time, without following the strict schedule of on-campus classes. But most of the times, this leads to a lack of discipline in students.

This advantage can prove to be of great help to you, as far as you keep yourself disciplined and determined. You need to understand that you have signed in to an online course because you could not attend a regular college, because of financial constraints, time limitations or because of the need to continue your full time job. This means that you should get yourself to study whenever you get time. Some of the tips that will help you in becoming a better e-learner are:


Like any other from of study, online education also needs to be carried out with proper planning. Otherwise, you will never find time to study. Keep in mind your working hours or convenient hours for study and schedule your sessions in advance. Keep that time free from any other task.


You need to plot out your time that you are going to dedicate to each session in your diary. Before the beginning of each lesson, get yourself prepared. All the online courses will inform you about the next coming lesson, and therefore, spend at least 10 minutes to get ready for the lesson beforehand.


Before starting your course, ensure that you have gone through all the necessary instructions. Also get your pen and paper ready so that you can make notes quickly if necessary. Tell your kids to leave you alone for an hour so that you can focus entirely on the lesson going on.


If you had attended a regular night school or a training course, then you would have scheduled your day as per your class. Pretend that this is a similar kind of setting and schedule an appointment with your trainer. Make up your mind and tell yourself that you will allow nothing to come in your way.


It is a fact that if you dedicate evening hours to your study, then chances are that you will definitely receive dinner invitations from your friends and relatives at some time or other, or you may need to attend to an urgent task in your family. In those times, you need to prioritize among the tasks at hand and your study. You can go out if there is an urgent issue in your family, but you can postpone a dinner invitation from your friend. Make sure not to get side-tracked and do not allow yourself to get tempted away.


Project yourself in a future when you have finished your e-learning course and you have your certificate or degree in hand. Never forget the reason for which you are studying, as this will help you remain motivated whenever you feel distracted.