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Comparison between Online Education and the traditional form

Comparison: Online Education and traditional

School / College


With the advancement of computer technology and the development of internet has forced mankind to give rise to a number of online education and elearning systems that has managed to gain more acceptance and popularity amongst various communities and people around the globe. Presently there are a number of colleges and universities around the globe that are in fact offering more and more degrees online so there are a number of traditional schools and colleges that are facing challenges from these online education programs. Every thing has originated due to the competition between traditional form of education and online education or elearning system such that each of the above system of education has its own merits and demerits associated with it.


A number of researches and analysis has been conducted to find out the perfect answer for the growing trend of online education and its popularity. There are a number of people who feel that this new system of education has in fact managed to become the latest trend in education system and is now globally accepted. Most countries around the world believe that there are a number of advantages that are associated with this form of education. There are also a number of people who stay in most remote places and are just not aware of such online education programs or online training niche. Lack of knowledge is perhaps one reason why these people are just not aware. Most countries around the globe are in fact promoting such system of education due to all the benefits a student can get from such system of education.

Most people around the world feel that the type of training provided by these online education systems are far much better as compared to traditional form of education. There are also a number of online education schools and colleges that offer with a one to one tuition classes for their potential students. They might also dedicate around two or three hours of session every week to their students on a particular subject. These online education systems makes use of a number of advanced technology like best online tools, study boards and internet phone and voice chat facilities. These techniques are simply considered as being very much flexible and so students can always make all necessary adjustments according to their personal needs and requirements.


In any traditional form of school or college you certainly may never be able to request for a repeat of the lecture in case you missed it but with these online education systems you can always reschedule your session for more than one time. One of the best advantages of these online education systems over the traditional form is that these are more affordable to students staying in most remote places. So you certainly may never have to spend thousands of dollars for getting your hands on a degree from a reputed college in UK or US.  Also, when studying online over the internet you just might never have to make any additional expenses except for your study fee. You never waste your time on traveling or money on your friends in a college canteen.